In 2008, i received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to develop this website.  The grant was not just to make a site for promotion of an artist’s work but to allow me the time to work directly with writers to expand upon and unpack a hybrid practice that doesn’t always seem fully legible. The site is in some ways more of a notebook and will become even more so as it is now live and becoming. This opportunity has been remarkable, and has lead to many hours of studio visits and text volleys, also decidedly an increase in understanding of my practice, at the very least for me.  As an artist committed to the idea that it takes a lifetime to make one’s work, and one who’s work presents in so many methods of “making public”; from traditional gallery exhibitions to social organization to bureaucratic undoing, the beauty of the web based work is that one can begin to see the whole complex surface in a deeply conflated time frame. 

I am grateful to:

The writers, Tricia Middleton and J.R. Carpenter, who contributed texts, and those that considered my ideas and gave me time and commentary, Rebecca Duclos, Cynthia Imogene Hammond, and Meredith Carruthers, and of course my most dar(l)ing, Nancy Ring.

The many photographers that have contributed throughout the years:
Larry Glawson: The Gift Horse/i trust you, Labour Day
Betina Hoffman: zoon ambiente
David Barbour: zoon
Guy L’Heuereux: portage, aerie:clear channel
Robert Lovett: Valentin
Their collaboration has been immeasurable in its value, particularly for an artist that works in installation of a scale that can rarely be replicated outside of the galleries, museums, and communities i have been welcomed into.

i am deeply indebted to designer and artist, Kevin Finlayson, of dust and mold design when we began this all so long ago. His skills as both a designer and a human have made this undertaking both possible and pleasurable.

many many thanks.

jake moore, the individual writers and photographers.