Eclipse in A|C

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Vermont Studio Centre

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Vermont Studio Centre image

I am the grateful recipient of a 4 week fellowship to the Vermont Studio Centre.
So far i have met remarkable artists, experienced my first US Thanksgiving including watching football for some time.
The project i am working on here is loosely labeled “built paintings”.


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Architecture Concordia’s first speaker series presents:

Indra Kagis McEwen: “Plečnik perennis? A Slovenian architect’s conversation with antiquity.”
jake moore - Hot Spot: a Montréal artist’s conversation with public space
(prompted by the architectural projection, Murs aveugles (Blind Walls), 2014, Isabelle Hayeur)

To be held in The Topological Media Lab: Concordia University on 7th floor of the East side of the Engineering and Visual Arts Complex.
November 21, 6pm
Room EV-7.725

The recent removal of Isabelle Hayeur’s architectural projection, MURS AVEUGLES, from the BNL MTL has sparked outrage amongst many artists as well as business owners and community members of the “Main”.  Those concerned have emotional depths in parallel but their reasons for this disquiet are glaringly distinct.  Many feel the threat to freedom of expression is the pinnacle of rights to be protected while many community members, including the owner of the building that Hayeur projected onto, feel the work was incendiary and posed a threat to the building and her business’s well being.
This public art work then becomes the locus of discussion around notions of public, property, architecture as defensible space as well as the internal and external divisions and definitions of building itself.  The particular site is deeply contested and welcomes a critical analysis of the multiple social spaces being activated, articulated and occupied here.

BNL Montreal, Artist’s tour

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BNL Montreal, Artist’s tour image

responsive tour BNL MTL,
November 25, 2014, 12:15 - 1:15 pm


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shortlisted for the 2014 PRIX POWERHOUSE at La Centrale


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Le Symposium international d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul


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iceberg image

_iceberg_was a site specific action series that will extend into exhibition and writings elsewhere in the near future.

Suoni Per Il Popolo

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Very excited to participate in Suoni again this year, though this time from a very different perspective.
i will be moderating a discussion between Jonathan Sterne (McGill University) Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa) Justin Evans (Co-Founder of MixGenius – Artificial Intelligence Music Production System) Don Wilkie (Constellation Records)

Atelier Tools of the Trade: _Beneath The Surfaces_ will look at the effects and affects of compression in the production of contemporary musics and their distribution, commodity, and quality in this discussion of audio formats and their myriad repercussions, from access, to quality, to commerce.
Media specificity and the political affect of materials are areas of exceptional interest for me.  The panelists represent a broad range of production and engagement with audio culture.
find out more about the participants here:


Launch of Pavitra Wickramasinghe: The Book of Light and Shadows

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Launch of Pavitra Wickramasinghe: The Book of Light and Shadows image

Here is the foreword to the latest publication produced at the FOFA Gallery. It has been an immense pleasure to work closely with these artists, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, and Taien Ng Chan, the film maker, author and designer that produced the poetic text and the book layout.
The exhibition itself was a complexly beautiful collection of works on paper, video and kinetic installations.

My Winnipeg: Artists’ choice

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My Winnipeg: Artists’ choice image

“My Winnipeg Artist’s Choice”:

I admit i was exceptionally pleased to be included in the My Winnipeg, Artist’s Choice exhibition.
My hometown is at once the germinal core of my thinking and the place i feel the least understood. It is then aptly poignant that Cassidy Richardson’s curatorial statement articulates _family_ as the central thematic to the exhibition.  While the iteration of _Labour Day_ produced here as my contribution to the project has little to do with family, indeed it is only 3 artists that are addressed directly in the essay, my overall sense of the experience feels familial in every way.

I had written a statement for the work that i understand was not included in the exhibition so i am posting it here,  in no small part as a means of acknowledging my debt to the remarkable artist, Larry Glawson, who took the photograph of Portage and Main central to the project.