aerie: clear channel

immersive installation in two parts
Musée d'art contemporain, Mtl, QC
October 2011 - January , 2012

aerie_MAC_petalone_web.jpg aerie_pavilion_alone_web.jpg aerie_underbelly_web.jpg moore_aerie_vertical-web.jpg aerie_3floorsdown_web.jpg aerie_collated_web.jpg 08_moore_aeriepavillon_detail_web.jpg 09_moore_aeriepavillon_detail_web.jpg 10_moore_aeriepavillon_detail.jpg
jake moore’s practice is deeply informed by the aesthetics and spatial politics of the Prairies, where she was born, and Montréal, where she lives and works. The effects of not being where you are from and not being from where you are create a hyper awareness of articulations of identity. Animals have long held a major role in her practice as sentient others that evoke and propel emotion, and as a method of putting into play the space between the viewer and the artistic act. Architectural spaces are articulated as volumes, containers and voids, while laboriously wrought surfaces, extensions and excesses call upon the body. The material and technique required to create her large‑scale works allow for a slow accumulation and express the sheer hard work it takes for the feminine to claim this much space. moore believes beauty is deeply political, for it identifies its perceiver and very specific moments in time. She considers these multiple concepts when addressing her primary medium: space.