Flower Islands/The Home of the Sirens

a trialogue between Leisure Projects (Susannah Wesley and Meredith Carruthers) and jake moore
shared studio Montréal
2010 - present

Introduction: As an artist, jake is always working. For jake this work might mean feathering by hand a massive inflatable artwork, or making sure that the lighting, food and flowers for a gathering will create an atmosphere for conviviality and creative discussion. Through her research and practice, she is consciously evolving and defining what artistic work might be. Most meaningful for us, is the way she continues to propose new models for “making work,” engaging with the complex and contentious line between community building events akin to ‘leisure’ time and the necessary invisible labour that makes this possible. –MC +SW, jake moore la centrale nomination, 2013. Discussions: Three interrelated discussions imagining an alternate set of criteria for “success” as an artist. One that does not merely focus on exhibitions and acquisitions, but also on lateral approaches to art practice, including (but not limited to) community building, ephemeral actions and the mentorship of new generations. Discussion 1. On collective thinking and rethinking jake projects: - “Grocery Store” with The Co-Op Collective: Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, jake moore and Zab, Winnipeg, 2002) - Interim Programming Coordinator at Studio XX: and as contributor and editorial collective member of dpi. online journal Questions: Why work with other people? What potentials exist in shared authorship? What are the terms of engagement? What does it mean to share responsibility? How can writing be a dialogue? Possible references: Virginia Woolf, Women & Fiction, The Manuscript versions of “A Room of Ones Own”, 1929 Quotes/ conversation starters: What I offer is simply raw material for you to , even if it was only hearsay and half when it was false rather than for his wares. What I offer you is