Grocery Store

Performance and video
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Grocery Store was a site specific performance installation and live-view web site developed by The Co-Op Collective: Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, jake moore and Zab. For three weeks in August 2002, it provided food and food for thought in downtown Winnipeg's Ace Art Gallery. The installation (a functioning food store staffed by Dempsey and Millan) sold over $5000 worth of food, essential provisions unavailable in Winnipeg's core. Radio ads, a circular advertising sale prices, and a mail-in-coupon campaign to the mayor requesting real-life downtown services expanded the discussion about the direction of urban revitalization in our city beyond the actual site. Duration: 3 weeks Performed: August 2002.

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Exhibition information

Grocery Store was a performance and video by The CoOp Collective: Shawna Demsey, Lorri Millan, Zab, jake moore, produced in cooperation with Ace Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba.