sound, projection, video, radio transmission, sculpture and objects
Anna Leonowens NSCAD
August 7 - 18, 2012

* scape is a project produced in collaboration with Steve Bates. when working together they often use the name USSA. see below for bio. scape is a preliminary investigation into wave theory in sound, light, and materials, vibration and complex surfaces. Utilizing sound, projection, video, radio transmission, sculpture and objects, scape presents a cross-sensorial environment. The project was prompted by references within literature, the purchase of an atlas of maps that included representation of seismic, electromagnetic, and tidal forces as well as topological detail and Bates and moore's distinct practices, with references to time, space and material. A piece of silk plissé purchased over a decade previously operates as a landscape painting as well as a personal touchstone within. jake moore and Steve Bates (USSA)
With a shared history in punk rock, Bates and moore’s distinct and collaborative practices are informed by politics and the sonic environment. Independently, moore produces immersive and site specific environments informed by a feminist engagement in architectural, sculptural and textile traditions, while for Bates the sonic is always the starting point of his projects which are then manifested as evocations of communication networks and systems, or expressions of spatial and temporal experience. Each asserts an interest in the role phenomena and material play in the manifestation of larger ideas as points of contact and engagement.