yellow, no sleep at night

Sculptural installation
Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta

yellow01.jpg yellow02.jpg yellow03.jpg yellow04.jpg yellow05.jpg yellow06.jpg yellow07.jpg yellow08.jpg yellow09.jpg yellow10.jpg
"...pure time is the vector of erosion, of passing away; pure space is the domain of flow, of the nomadic passing by. But place is the point of their intersection, the spatial point at which the temporal instant can leave a trace as a historical moment or event. Place then centres, grounds, brings permanence, underwrites community - placemaking is the binding of time and space into a knot, a stitch that holds." Just as individual identity is not fixed either is the identity, or meaning, of a place. Layers of experience and culture rest on this topography, providing multiple meanings and values to multiple cultures. the past is a place i am a visitor there as history is a thing constantly in the act of becoming.

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Exhibition information

This installation was shown at Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta, and accompanied by a radio broadcast.