zoon ambiente

Intermedia Installation
Optica, Montréal, QC
November 03 - December 08, 2007

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The space of jake moore’s mythologically laden installations is shared with life-sized animals forms which often serve as a matrix and support for the transmission of sonic elements, seemingly by way of amplifying their electrical resistance. In an interactive environment that questions our rapport with traditional forms of knowledge, they create a heightened sensory universe whose effects are found in the viewers’ personal associations to the objects and in the objects’ relationships to one another. moore uses animals in her work to suggest an “other” which although does not directly reflect ourselves, can be easily recognized as sentient. She is interested in how animals have simultaneously been undervalued in culture and have occupied a curious place within it as analogies for human behaviour-they have been used to teach us how to be human. This relationship plays out in simple turns of phrase like “busy as a bee”?, but is also more densely invested in texts where animals, as denizens of a natural world (without thought or language) are used as allegory for moral conduct. She uses space, materiality, and language as tools to create potential points of entry for viewers as participants in her work. As opposed to following an imposed literal narrative, viewers navigate the installation through their own personal experience. This engagement of the body offers optimism-??the hope of a submersive environment providing new ground where different connections could potentially be made.