Effloressence: An epidermic communication

by jake moore

*Effloressence*: An epidermic communication, by Andrea Vander Kooij

Brief: Matricules (parts 1 and 2) :: Database and archive project: Studio XX the first 10 years ::

11 octobre, 2006
by jake moore
.dpi No 7

_Résumé: Sous-tendant le site de Matricules fut le concept du tissage jacquard. Avec la co-référence à la programmation et au textile, il représente l’union physique et conceptuelle la plus appropriée. Le tissage, tout comme la programmation, est une activité sérielle qui se prête à une compréhension du temps, mais avec la possibilité d’inclure de nouveaux filons afin d’étendre la réceptivité au tout. Dans le cas d’un vrai tissage, cela pourrait changer la couleur ou la forme du tissu. C’est ce qui se passera avec l’image du Studio XX alors que les participant(e)s et observateur-rices ajouteront leurs fils sous formes de commentaires, d’oeuvres et de code. Ainsi, le portrait statistique voulu d’une base de données devient une surface mutable et dimensionnelle. De cette manière, l’abstraction apparaît encore une fois plus réelle qu’une empreinte indexicale idéale. Le fait que le lexique des textiles et le langage de la programmation partagent autant n’est pas un fruit du hasard. Ainsi s’avance le moteur de différence! _Abstract: The guiding concept behind the Matricules website was jacquard weaving. With a joint reference to computation and textile traditions, it seemed a fitting physical and conceptual union. Weaving like computation is a serial activity that lends itself to an understanding of time, but one that also allows for inclusion of new threads to expand ones reception of the whole. In an actual weaving, this could change the perceived colour or shape of the cloth. This is what will happen with the image of Studio XX as participants and observers alike add their threads in the form of comments, works and code. Thus, the statistical portrait that a database is intended to be becomes a mutable and dimensional surface. In this way abstraction again seems more real than an ideal indexical mark. That so much of the lexicon of textiles is shared as the language of computation is not accidental. Onward goes the difference engine!

See text at at http://dpi.studioxx.org/demo/index.php?q=fr/no/07/brief-matricules-database-and-archive-project-studio-xx-first-10-years

Articulations: Diane Morin

by by jake moore
Galerie Circa, Montréal

exhibition text

See text at at http://www.circa-art.com/LANDRY_MORIN_files/morin.pdf

In the Shadow of the Cyborg an interview with Joey Berzowska by Jake Moore ::

january 14, 2005
by jake moore
.dpi, VOLUME 2, an alternative forum for discourse and creation, on the subject of women, media and technological landscape , Studio XX, montreal

An interview with Joanna Berzowska in the online feminist technological journal .dpi Joanna Berzowska is an Assistant Professor of Design Art and Digital Image/Sound at Concordia University in Montreal and researcher in the Interactive Textiles Axe of Hexagram (Institut de recherche et cration en arts et technologies mediatiques). Her work and research deal primarily with “soft computation”, electronic textiles and wearable technology. Introduced to tangible media at the MIT lab, Joey concentrates on making wearables into tools for expression and communication rather than exoskeletons or protective structures. Staying away from hard components as much as possible and weaving conductive yarns and the like, she repurposes materials and technologies, often made for military, aerospace and industrial uses, to create playful soft interfaces (or shware) which toy with notions of intimacy, history of use in the digital realm and the seductive dangers of surveillance technologies.

See text at at http://dpi.studioxx.org/demo/index.php?q=en/no/02/interview-with-joey-berzowska-by-jake-moore


january 2004
by jake moore
exhibition text, galerie skol , Montréal, QC

This text was commissioned by Skol to accompany the exhibition _The Systematic Arrangement of Pretty and other Accumulations_: _jennifer lefort and jeanie riddle_, January 7 to February 7 2004