To Settle : Candice Tarnowski

June 18 - September 25, 2011
by jake moore
exhibition text , Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, PEI

"The concourse of the Confederation Centre of the Arts is a busy place, especially in summer. It is a thoroughfare for theatre patrons, visitors to the gallery, and people on their way between downtown businesses. Whereas a visit to an art gallery is understood to involve contemplation and attention, the concourse is a public space that one often quickly rushes through. Candice Tarnowski's A Bed's Been Made Up For You creates an encounter with the care and attention of an artist within that space, and establishes a dynamic tension between the open and the closed, the orderly and the chaotic.... A unique aspect of this installation by Candice Tarnowski is the inclusion of artifacts on loan from the collection of the P.E.I. Museum as well as blankets made by McAusland's Woolen Mills, Bloomfield, P.E.I. The exhibition thus integrates the artist's personal collection with objects that resonate locally and historically. The artist is especially grateful for the assistance of Linda Berko, curator, as well as Meghan Gallant, Jason McNeil, and Isaac Stewart of the P.E.I. Museum. McAusland's Woolen Mills generously lent examples of their product for this exhibition. The artist also wishes to thank jake moore for her essay, and Norma Jean MacLean." (from the gallery website)

the red head

by jake moore
Valerie Blass: Parisian Laundry , Montréal, QC

Commissioned essay for the exhibition monograph.

picture building

september 2009
by jake moore
Labouring the Land , FOFA Gallery, Montréal, QC

Montreal artists Marie-Michelle Deschamps and Michelle Lacombe invited me to write a text in concert with the performative installation _Labouring the Land_, FOFA GALLERY. The text was to appear in part within the exhibition site of the York Corridor Vitrines of Concordia University as they felt the text was a component of the deconstruction they were undertaking of the historical construct of perspective drawing.

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points of contact leave a mark

may 2004
by jake moore
Toronto, Ontario

Exhibition text for Contact _Prints_, Hannah Claus

The Portage and Main Story Line

by jake moore
Winnipeg, Manitoba

An appeal to the public for stories for the _portage_ piece.